Get started with Design Concrete

For the experienced professional aswell as the do-it-yourselfer

Did you know that design concrete is extremely versatile and offers endless possibilities for your interior? The robust material creates an industrial, tough and stylish appearance, just the way you want it: from small details to complete walls or floors. And you can just get started with it yourself!

User-friendly and versatile

The materials of ConcreteMatters are designed for do-it-yourselfers, with or without experience. The material is very user-friendly, so you can design and implement furniture and home accessories yourself. All by yourself, or with some help from a professional. For example, you have had a specific idea for a fireplace in your head for years, but you can not find what you are looking for. Or you want a sleek and durable kitchen top, but you do not have standard dimensions. Design Concrete offers the solution when you have different dimensions in your interior, but also if you just want to give your interior your own touch. Whatever you want, design concrete is a beautiful basic material with infinite applications.

From lounge table to lamp shade

Design concrete can be perfectly combined with other materials such as wood, stainless steel and leather. The sleek structure with a light gray color also ensures that you create a unique atmosphere with soft, natural and bright colors. In short, an addition for any interior, whatever your style.

Go for a modern twist in your interior for larger concrete surfaces such as walls, floors, panels and TV walls. But concrete countertops, sinks, outdoor kitchens, BBQs, ponds, fireplaces, garden benches and statues are also among the possibilities. Because no armament is required, with the materials from ConcreteMatters it is also possible to manufacture furniture that is not heavy. Think of table tops or chairs.

Are walls and furniture just too much? Give your interior a modern, rugged touch with subtle home accessories such as planters, lampshades and bowls. Also smaller accessories such as presentation boards, candlesticks and tissue boxes are good to experiment with when you are not so familiar with working with concrete. View our tutorials for tips & tricks, be inspired by the many examples on our website and webshop and start to pour your interior dream in concrete!

Get inspiration immediately!