Impregnating concrete
06 november 2017 
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Impregnating concrete

In this article, we will discuss impregnating concrete.

Impregnating concrete without losing its look and feel

CRTE supplies a three-step product to optimally protect your concrete countertop or other concrete object. The high-quality acrylate sealer comes in bottles with a pump spray and can easily be applied using a microfibre cloth.

Impregnating concrete

When you use the three-step Sealer System for treating Design Concrete, you will use the latest waterborne micro emulsion for concrete surfaces. The sealer seals the surface, so that oil and dirt cannot be absorbed into the surface. This happens below the surface. The Sealer is absorbed into the surface and in contrast to other products, does not create a layer at the surface. This means it is very damage resistant. The silky gloss ensures that the outside of the concrete is preserved.

The product is waterborne and safe with food and is enough to treat around 5 m2 (53 ft2).

Everyone can apply this product on a concrete surface. The only thing you need next to the sealer is a microfibre cloth. Use the cloth just as if you were washing windows. Suitable microfibre cloths are available in the web shop.

Which projects?

CTRE Sealer is highly suited for treating the following projects:

  • a concrete countertop
  • a concrete washbasin
  • a concrete lamp
  • a concrete construction element
  • a concrete hearth-plate
  • a concrete art object
  • a concrete garden table
  • a concrete table top
  • a concrete garden bench
  • a concrete outdoor kitchen or BBQ


The video (in Dutch) below shows you how to apply the Sealer.

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