Mixing up the concrete: how much water should I use?
08 december 2017 
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Mixing up the concrete: how much water should I use?

In this article, we will discuss the use of water when mixing up concrete.

How much water should I use to mix up a starterpak or a basepak

Concrete needs water to harden. But too much water can, for instance, lead to shrinking, with all the problems that come with that.

Because of this, the prescribed amounts of water in the instruction video are always conservative. The thickness of the mixture also depends on temperature, and the sand also tends to contain quite a bit of water.

If you add too much water, it starts to separate. That is tricky, because then you have a wet layer on top, but it can’t do any harm.

It you have trouble mixing it up, you can add sand at an earlier stage. That will loosen up the mixture. Always be careful when adding in water.

After mixing up the concrete: Spreading out the mixture

The mixture will sometimes appear a bit thick and will want to stick together. It is easier to spread out by vibrating it.

Unfortunately, vibrating the concrete is difficult. It is very important to first spread it out with a trowel. Make sure you don’t capture any air bubbles. Using a plant prayer with a little water on the mixture can also help.

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