Sanding and polishing concrete
08 december 2017 
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Sanding and polishing concrete

In this article, we will discuss sanding and polishing concrete. Should I choose to do it manually or with a machine? What tools should I use?

Sanding and polishing concrete

Concrete can be sanded and polished manually or with a machine. With our handy StoneTech diamond pads, you can sand and polish concrete countertops, concrete washbasins and all other concrete objects. We also sell round diamond discs for machine sanding. Both the diamond pads and the diamond discs are high quality and have a long service life.


Use water while sanding. It is the easiest way to get rid of sanding debris; it makes sanding easier and prevents heating, and wear, on the sanding equipment.

Which projects?

The StoneTech diamond pads and sanding discs are rather suited for use on the following concrete projects:

  • a concrete countertop
  • a concrete washbasin
  • a concrete lamp
  • a concrete construction element
  • a concrete hearth-plate
  • a concrete art object
  • a concrete garden table
  • a concrete table top
  • a concrete garden bench
  • a concrete outdoor kitchen or BBQ

The video below shows how to sand or polish concrete.

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Impregnating concrete

For more information on impreganting concrete, read our next blog

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